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Give your customers a seamless way to access gold bullion

Gold is an alternative investment that provides security and stability to your customers savings. Financial institutions can now offer this precious metal as part of their service offerings.

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Retail banking customers are withdrawing funds out of your ecosystem to invest in physical commodities to hedge themselves against inflation and currency devaluation.


Keep your customers within your platform by offering investment-grade gold in any digital flow, and generate revenue with each sale.

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Qoneco’s bullion products are delivered with simple, smart customer experiences.

Bullion platform

Our highly scalable bullion platform is used by leading dealers worldwide and can be fully customised to suit your brand.
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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Handle your relationships better with our bespoke customer relationships management (CRM) tool. Tailored for businesses offering gold bullion.
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Inventory management

Qoneco can assist businesses with the complex and time-consuming task of inventory management for gold bullion.
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‘With Qoneco, we have been able to focus on our expertise in marketing and growing customer relationships and leave the nuts and bolts of gold storage and inventory management to the professionals.’

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