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Our vision is to make bullion gold as accessible as possible.

By removing the costly barriers to entry through economies of scale, Qoneco aims to grow awareness of the opportunity gold presents as an investment, as a solid asset to add to one's portfolio, and a potential hedge against inflation.

Our mission is to provide an industry leading bullion platform that is intuitive, friendly, scalable and easy to use — through technology and innovation making gold readily available to as many businesses and clients as possible.

About us

Qoneco is an Australian fintech company providing integrated gold bullion solutions to industry players and financial institutions. Helping our partners grow and scale through innovation and technology. Gaining access to key markets that were unavailable previously. Removing the headache and complexity of dense and often difficult regulatory frameworks.

Our people have vast experiences in banking, financial services, project management, consulting and technology. Their expertise, insights and dedication will help shape and steer our partners towards strategy and growth that they are looking for. Our dedication to our partners and clients foster a long lasting relationship. By continuing to innovate, we strive to challenge the status quo and consistently bring value to our partners.

We see digital acceleration of traditional markets as the key to long term growth and the future. We are ready to embrace that future with our partners.

Our group

Qoneco Ltd

Address: 30 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LQ, UK

Bullion Box K.K.

Address: Level 14 Kamiyacho MT Building, 3-20 Toranomon West, Tokyo
Website: www.thebullionbox.com

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