The high security, low cost storage option for your clients

We offer a low-cost, comprehensive gold storage and custody solution. Our secured vault solution and insurance policy guarantees the safety of your assets.

Protect your clients’ assets today

Qoneco utilises secure storage solutions that give you peace of mind that your bullion is safe. Additionally, independent quarterly audits are conducted to ensure compliance to the highest level.

Fully insured

Our storage solutions go beyond the physical safeguarding of your precious valuables by providing full liability insurance for complete peace of mind.

Low storage costs

Storage fees are charged at less than 1% per annum of the value of your total clients gold holdings.

Highly Secure

Multi layered vault security includes a bio-metric identification process that is overseen by licenced industry professionals.
Successfully Buy Gold

Are you worried about compliance and risk? View our AML/CTF Services

Discover our products

Qoneco’s bullion products are delivered with simple, smart customer experiences.

Bullion platform

Our highly scalable bullion platform is used by leading dealers worldwide and can be fully customised to suit your brand.
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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Handle your relationships better with our bespoke customer relationships management (CRM) tool. Tailored for businesses offering gold bullion.
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Inventory management

Qoneco can assist businesses with the complex and time-consuming task of inventory management for gold bullion.
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We work with

Learn how your business can make the most of our products.

Bullion dealers

Scaling your bullion business can be complicated and time consuming. Qoneco has the white-label platform that can grow with you and your customers.

Financial institutions

Give your customers a seamless way to access gold bullion. Qoneco's solutions can be integrated into any digital flow.

Institutional investors

Our trusted gold bullion platform is easy to implement for institutional investors who require acess to investment-grade gold bullion in high volumes.

Fund administrators

The most comprehensive bullion platform for investment fund administrators to service their clients' future needs.

Get started with gold today

Qoneco offers a suite of products that allow businesses to offer investment-grade gold into their client portfolios.

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