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Benefits of partnership

A Qoneco partnership gives you the ability to offer gold bullion and storage to your own clients with lower upfront costs and overhead.

Fully customisable

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a custom branded gold bullion platform, now with multi-language support.

Easy to use, mobile friendly experience

Our mobile friendly platform is designed with your clients in mind, and we focused on creating a user-friendly experience.

You’re in control

Set your own margins and support your own customers.

Built to scale

As your business grows, our platform will be there to support you. Its scalable design means that it can handle any size company.
Successfully Buy Gold

‘With Qoneco, we have been able to focus on our expertise in marketing and growing customer relationships and leave the nuts and bolts of gold storage and inventory management to the professionals.’

We work with

Learn how your business can make the most of our products.

Bullion dealers

Scaling your bullion business can be complicated and time consuming. Qoneco has the white-label platform that can grow with you and your customers.

Financial institutions

Give your customers a seamless way to access gold bullion. Qoneco's solutions can be integrated into any digital flow.

Institutional investors

Our trusted gold bullion platform is easy to implement for institutional investors who require acess to investment-grade gold bullion in high volumes.

Fund administrators

The most comprehensive bullion platform for investment fund administrators to service their clients' future needs.

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Qoneco is a leader in bullion solutions. We empower businesses with the tools they need to offer investment-grade gold to their clients.